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Consortium of 5 partners


The project will be carried out in 2017-2020 by the research consortium:

  • Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences in Sopot – Lider,
  • Gdansk University of Technology – Partner 1,
  • Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty – Partner 2,
  • Maritime Institute in Gdansk – Partner 3,
  • Municipality of Puck – Partner 4.

WaterPUCK is an innovation and interdisciplinary project integrating knowledge of different disciplines into the implementation of the environmental protection policy, sustainable growth and improvement of the competiveness of the polish economy. WaterPUCK combines several different components and methods such as retrospective analyses of existing monitoring data sets, in situ measures and the application of various models to estimate main mechanisms and threats responsible for the pollution transport from the agricultural holdings and land-use structure to the surface and groundwater and potential predictability of environment change of the Puck District and the Bay of Puck ecosystem. Its major goal is to foster improvement of natural environment as well as development of regional and national economy. Identification of main mechanisms responsible for the transport of pollutants in surface and ground waters, will allow the application in practical commercial solutions, due to innovating approach and methodology of industrial and development research. Beyond the scientific and economical outcome of the research, the project is considered as an important step to strengthen Polish B&R sector in general by applying for international and national funds from different sources such as Horizon 2020, South Baltic Programme, National Science.