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Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG)

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Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG)

The Maritime Institute in Gdansk (MIG) is a research and development unit supervised by Ministryof Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation. The Institute conducts research work, scientific and implementation projects, studies and assessments. The Institute offers consultations and services in the field of transport economy, maritime low and economics, modernization and management of sea ports, maritime hydro technics, operational oceanography, monitoring and threats prevention of the Southern Baltic, water economy and maritime engineering, shaping and conservation of the nature, marine ecology, establishing databases and monitoring of continuous phenomena, new technologies and electronic economy. MIG employs 153 staff members including 2 professors, 3 assistant professors, 21 people with the degree of PhD and 6 persons with the degree of PhD -engineer, administrative -accounting staff: 47, support & engineer -technical staff: 85 (including young researchers to 35 years - 58 people). MIG has a huge experience in the research implementation and commercialization of R&D results and conducting international research projects. During the last years MIG was involved in many projects within several programs (EfficienSea, BALTIC MASTER II, BRISK, EcoRegion, BaltSeaPlan, SMOCS, SUBMARINER - BSR Programme 2007-2013; BalticBlueGrowth, Baltic InteGrid, Baltic LINes, DAIMON - BSR Programme 2014-2020; ECODUMP, SB PROFESIONALS, InnoAquaTech - South Baltic Programme 2007-2013; 4POWER - INTERREG IVC; MyOcean, MyOcean2, ARCH - 7FP, VILA - LT-PL-RU 2007-2013, My Ocean FO - H2020).

Material resources (research infrastructure and equipment) of the MIG is, among others, Laboratory of the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) accredited by the Polish Centre of Accreditation (accreditation No. AB 646). DEP carries out researches in assessments of environmental state, risk of contaminants and environmental protection. DEP operates in environmental field related to analyses of contaminants in water (including surface and groundwater), soils, sediments and aquatic biota. DEP has huge experience in sampling and analysis of contaminants (e.g. trace metals, POPs – i.e. pesticides) in environmental samples.